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BMG1216B--Wire in CNC servo
BMG1216B--Wire in CNC servo
BMG1216B--Wire in CNC servo
BMG1216B--Wire in CNC servo
Main features of this machine (B-type standard configuration-servo drive)
1. Dual circuit intelligent sampling, data collection of precursor information during processing, and computer analysis and processing, stable discharge of subsequent sampling, accurate processing of material failure information, and processing surface quality Ra and processing accuracy reach the ideal state. Consistency and good processing products;
2. Adopt Taiwan imported high-grade guide rail and double nut screw pair, Z axis adopts Taiwan double linear guide rail, with T-shaped high-strength machine structure design, which more effectively guarantees the finish and accuracy of the workpiece and the service life of the machine;
3. The new type of mechanical dual-direction intelligent constant tension mechanism can be used to adjust the tension according to the processing requirements and the diameter of the molybdenum wire, which overcomes the lack of slow response of the simple weight tension mechanism to the fluctuation of the electrode wire tension and effectively ensures the verticality of the workpiece And eliminate the surface stripes;
4. The overall machine tool adopts environmental protection protection devices and a new splash-proof design, which effectively reduces the splash of working fluid during processing, protects the environment and ensures the safety of use, making the overall equipment more beautiful and environmentally friendly;
5. Adopting the newly developed and designed AR non-electrolytic discharge digital pulse power supply, the efficiency and smoothness are greatly improved, and the wire loss of 100,000 square meters is 0.005mm;
6. The water treatment system adopts self-priming pump water treatment system combined with high-precision filter element and environmentally friendly working fluid to make the jet flow more uniform and working fluid longer service life, cutting quality is greatly improved, and processing cost is reduced.

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