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苏州宝玛格精密机械有限公司位于苏州市相城经济开发区,注册资金500万元,是一家与高校紧密合作,拥有自主 研发和生产能力的高科技创新企业。公司主要产品为中走丝,线切割,穿孔机,年产量600台左右,并进行对内、 对外销售技术及服务。

公司注重产品质量和售后服务,“品质、服务完善、用户至上”是公司的一贯指导方针和企业发展方向。宝玛格 人以提高我国制造装备为己任,致力于向企业、教育机构提供质量、性能卓越、性价比突出的中走丝线切割、成 型机、高速穿 孔机等全系列放电加工设备。

宝玛格公司始终遵循“客户就是上帝”的理念,立足科技创新的指导 思想,重视稳定的产品质量,完善及时快捷的售后服务。本公司较先推出全闭环中走丝线切割机床,实现中走丝 机床可匹配慢走丝机床的佳位置精度。我们深知加工 企业创造利益的途径是通过机床生产模具产品零件。公司推 出的大锥度、超高厚度线切割机床为模具行业的加工带来极大的便 利和很高的稳定性,并提供“24小时一站式” 管家服务。

宝玛格公司是电加工行业中的后起之秀,研发成果和销售业绩逐年增加,已成为苏州电加工产业链中 的明星企业。

Brief company introductionBMG is located in Xiangcheng Economic Development Park in Suzhou, with registered capital of 5 million RMB. It is a high-tech innovation company which is closely cooperated with universities and has own R&D Capability and high production capacity. Main products are electric machine tools and numerical control machine tools which are sold in global market. The annual output is about 600 machine tools.
We focus on product quality and after-sale se rvice, with guidelines of "quality first, service first, customer first". People of BMG are committed to improve manufacturing equipments, and deliver cost-effective middle-speed WEDMs, forming machines and high-speed super drilling machines with reliable quality and excellent performance to enterprises and Educational institutions.
BMG always follows the concept of "customer is God", and keeps eye into technical innovation, quality and service. BMG is China’s first company to deliver closed loop middle-speed WEDM with improved accuracy which is as good as low-speed WEDM. We know that processing enterprises make profits by producing moulds and parts. The big taper high thickness WEDMs delivered by BMG are able to bring processing enterprises more profits with high stability and "24-hour one-stop" butler service.
BMG is a rising star in the EDM industry. The R&D results and sales increased year by year. Now BMG has become a star enterpri se in the EDM industry chain in Suzhou.
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